Top 10 New Year Resolution Ideas

What are the best new year resolution ideas?

What are some of your new year resolution ideas?

The new year is the right time to be grateful for all the memories you’ve made so far. It is also the perfect opportunity to make some changes, potentially even your whole life! New Year’s Resolutions are a chance for you to make yourself happier. The best part about making a new year resolution is that it’s a super-easy way to set goals for yourself. This will make you happier in the long run.

You can set realistic and attainable goals or even something out of your reach. Just remember to not set too many goals at the same time. By doing this, you’re setting yourself up for failure. By setting and reaching small goals, you’re more likely to accomplish a bigger goal. In this article, we will see some best new year resolution ideas.

New Year Resolution Ideas
New Year Resolution Ideas

Top 10 New Year Resolution Ideas

1. Start A Journal

Journaling is the act of keeping a record of your thoughts, feelings, insights, and more. It’s a simple, low-cost way of improving your mental health. 
Start keeping a regular record of your thoughts, feelings, and insights. When you’re first starting, keep it simple. Journal only for a few minutes and set a timer. ‌Pick a time of the day that’s good for you and make a habit of it. It can help reduce anxiety, create awareness, and regulate emotions.

2. Become An Early Bird

You know that working out every morning sounds great in theory, but as we all know it is often easier said than done. Wouldn’t it be nice though to trade in those extra hours of sleep for some *more* time to get your fitness on? Or how about having more time to eat better and make better food choices? It might just be the most rewarding swap you’ve ever made!

3. Practice Saying ‘No.’

If you consider yourself a people pleaser, you know how difficult it can be at times to say no to others. But learning how to gently set boundaries can improve your relationships with yourself and the people you care about. It will also free you up to focus on the things that matter to you, whatever they may be.

4. Reduce Your Single-use Plastic Consumption

Plastics are now a serious headache for the planet and it is in our hands to reverse this situation. You can do your part to help reduce carbon emissions and curb global warming—it’s as simple as using reusable bottles, bags, cutlery, and bowls.

5. Create A Savings Plan

Even if you have only a few dollars to spare every week, even if it’s not much, you can still put some money in savings. The best news is that saving doesn’t have to be complicated because if you set up the proper plans and stick to them, they’ll help you get what you want in the long term. You just need to know how much money you’re able to save each week and there are many different things you can do with your bank.

You can keep your savings in cash, for example, but that might make it hard for you so instead, how about opening a checking account as well? That way, after living on your standard income for the day and taking care of whatever needs you to have, let the rest go into savings so that by the end of each week or month your plan will show obvious results.

6. Learn Something New

Learning something new will not only improve your knowledge but also your value.
By improving your skills, you become valued and get paid more. Start by listing the skills and knowledge that you most want to learn. Then, express these as SMART goals. When you’ve done this, break them down into long- and short-term goals that you can add to your daily Timebox List. You can read some best books to improve yourself. One good book can change your entire life.

7. Spend Some Time Alone

In this pro-social world we are strongly influenced in favor of being with people, or at least constantly interacting with others, be it through social media or other electronic means. What if you stepped away from all of that and took some time just to be alone? Took time to just do your own thing, on your own and in your own way? Spending some time alone teaches a lot of things about life. It is a time when you can go inside yourself and can ask questions to yourself, like what is life? and why are you here in this universe?

8. Take More Walk

Think about how good you feel after an invigorating walk in the park, or a brisk jog around town, breathing in the fresh air and letting your mind wander. That’s why so many people are taking to walking more regularly – to keep healthy! Think of it as a positive challenge: what if instead of counting the number of steps you take in a day, you simply started incorporating walking into all parts of your routine? It doesn’t have to be difficult; whether it’s on your way home from work, just before bedtime, or even through your local supermarket on weekends, set yourself a goal and try to achieve it every day!

9. Make New Connections

Making new connections makes a difference in the success of our professional and personal lives. We need friends in our life to keep us motivated in doing something. If we don’t have friends to share our happiness with, then we can never be happy. A person who has more connections will do more progress in life compared to those who have no connections or have very few connections.

10. Stop Complaining

Almost 90% of people have this habit, they complain a lot all the time about everything that happens against expectation. They want everything as per their choice and want to get everything. A complaining attitude will not help get you anywhere in life. An average person complains for 3-5 hours every day! That’s more than half a day, lost in negative thought patterns about the past or present. Put a stop to it and start focusing on the positive things in your life instead!

It is important to keep in mind why you want to make a New Year’s Resolution in the first place, as well as what you’re hoping to achieve. Is your resolution to make yourself healthier? To save more money? To be more eco-friendly? Make sure you’re making New Year Resolution Ideas that are built upon meaningful values and founded from personal experience.

Whether your New Year resolves to start a new hobby, learn another language, or do more volunteer work, don’t worry too much about failing! Overall, the main goal of New Year’s Resolutions is to be kind to yourself. Just remember there are no right or wrong answers when it comes to making your own choices, so choose whichever path YOU want to follow this year.